Once upon a time, we thought bones couldn’t regrow. Now we know they do. And we can show them how.

At EpiBone we are on a mission to use groundbreaking research to transform skeletal repair. Our approach is clear: We practice impeccable science to solve challenging problems, to make leaps in tissue engineering that no one has made before. To achieve that requires more than cutting-edge technology. It means building a diverse team of expert scientists and entrepreneurs—highly credentialed people committed to always keep learning and never compromise on quality—then harnessing the creative power of those diverse minds. That’s why our mission rests on growing thriving people as well as bone, developing best practices in business to develop the best possible product.

Our team is driven by our ultimate aim: improving patients’ lives. And we are proud to do that by working on the new frontier in healthcare: personalized medicine. On this frontier the healing medium is not simply atoms and molecules; it is the power of life itself. Where once we had to prescribe painful surgery and long recovery for a bone replacement, soon we will tap our own bodies’ power to provide easier healing. Where once we thought of the human body as a machine with spare parts, now we see it as a living ecosystem.



Grown in the precise anatomical shape and size you need, without cutting a bone from your body.


Made from your own cells for better integration, and without the possible complications of immune rejection.


The implanted bone graft is alive, so it has the potential to continue growing and remodeling.