Biology as a Tool to Innovate


What are the possibilities of what we can achieve when we start using biology as a tool to innovate? This was at the heart of my recent TEDMED talk ( which now you can watch online) and the follow up Q&A I had for TEDMED Blog. As innovators, thinkers and multidisciplinary explorers, we should all embrace and be curious about biology —it’s no longer a tool just for scientists. Biology is breathing into the lives of so many people and changing the way we think about art, sustainable energy, architecture, clothing, food industry and many more fields. There is a huge potential to meet sustainability challenges by viewing biology as a technology partner. We need to take biology off its miraculous pedestal, and ask how it might be possible to utilize it in our work. That’s a powerful question that so many people are beginning to ask, from the most unexpected fields. I want you to walk around thinking “I might not be a biologist, but I should be because my field is about to be disrupted by it.”

Thank you for TEDMED team for giving me opportunity to share this.