Start Spreading the News: New York Bioscience is Here to Stay


New York City is known for many things, and any self-respecting native will noisily rattle them off. The Big Apple is a center of culture and finance, a home of great art and music, a setting for incalculable movies and TV shows, an intellectual nirvana, and the home of the best pizza on the planet.

But the city is also famous for something else that rarely makes these lists. The city that never sleeps is also the city that never stops giving opportunities to entrepreneurs. It is a place of continual and relentless metamorphosis — churning out change that enables dreams both big and small. And from where we sit, New York is now poised to add one more creative industry to its list: bioscience.

Furthermore, New York boasts one more great asset that’s often underappreciated in science: a great diversity of non-science industries such as fashion, art, architecture, and beyond. More and more, we believe these industries will form a fertile soil that will help bio companies take root and flourish — especially as bioscience finds applicability in a widening array of fields, including art, architecture and beyond.

With its zoos and museums, New York is a wonderland for children interested in science. We love seeing the landscape widen to include the tools for scientists to build their future here, while helping create technologies that better the lives of everyone. Check out this posting where we got a chance to champion NYC biosciences and Roosevelt Island (my home zipcode) in this post for the NYCEDC today — we hope you enjoy! :

Start spreading the news.